Azande! 19th Century African Warriors

Inspired by the writings of Chris Peers and his rather wonderful Death in the Dark Continent rules, I spent some months back in 2013 putting together an Azande force. These lovely 28mm models are all by Mark Copplestone, sculpted between his time at Foundry and Copplestone Miniatures. These fierce warriors won several battles against theContinue reading “Azande! 19th Century African Warriors”

Trojan War: King Memnon of Ethiopia

Following on from my post about doing some Amazons and Ethiopians for the Trojan War a few weeks back, I was inspired to get a mini for King Memnon of Ethiopia, who features in the later sections of the Iliad. In Rosemary Sutcliff’s Black Ships Before Troy, one of John Howe’s watercolours has a goContinue reading “Trojan War: King Memnon of Ethiopia”

Near, Far Away: Part 4 – More 15/18mm Saxons

Dan Mersey of Wiglaf Miniatures kindly sent me a pre-release sample of the latest 18mm Wiglaf Miniatures Saxons a month ago, which I promptly cleaned up, undercoated, base coated…and then abandoned for several weeks as I got distracted by work and other things. Fortunately, I found some focus this week and got them finished offContinue reading “Near, Far Away: Part 4 – More 15/18mm Saxons”

Greek Midgard 3: Basileus in the Underworld

In testing my Midgard rules, we’ve been slowly playing our way through a Greek myth mini-campaign based on the adventures of Greek prince Basileus and his hardened crew of hoplites – you can read more here in previous instalment Basil and the Horn of the Minotaur. The whole thing is loosely based on Jason andContinue reading “Greek Midgard 3: Basileus in the Underworld”

Greek Myth: Amazons and Ethiopians

The Greek Myth ‘side project’ has taken on a distinct whiff of Troy recently! While I press on with the excellent Lucid Eye Amazons, I bought a copy of Rosemary Sutcliff’s Black Ships before Troy and very much enjoyed Alan Lee’s superb illustrations as well. Lee’s depiction of Memnon, King of Ethiopia, caught my imaginationContinue reading “Greek Myth: Amazons and Ethiopians”

The Battle of Hastings 1066 – replayed with War & Conquest

In a break from Midgard and everything else, I took a trip down to Bristol to celebrate my old chum Rob’s birthday. As part of the festivities, Rob had laid on a day of gaming at his club venue (Bristol Big ‘Uns at Iron Acton Village Hall) where I was due to participate in aContinue reading “The Battle of Hastings 1066 – replayed with War & Conquest”