Sudden Flame in Middle-earth: Glaurung vs the Noldor

We don’t seem to be getting tired of Middle-earth at the moment, and indeed, I’m currently re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time since I was a teenager. However, last week Pete and I decided to plump for the First Age of Middle-earth again as I’d just finished Finrod Felagund and hisContinue reading “Sudden Flame in Middle-earth: Glaurung vs the Noldor”

Elf Riders for Middle-earth: a tale of plastic, putty and 3D prints

Since getting tempted into collecting a small Elf force for Middle-earth, it’s been overdue for some extra riders. I already had a number of units of Noldor horse archers and heavy cavalry – mostly created by kit bashing Oathmark Elves with Gripping Beast Arab Heavy Cavalry – but the release of the Victrix Norman KnightsContinue reading “Elf Riders for Middle-earth: a tale of plastic, putty and 3D prints”

Death in the Riddermark: Orcs vs Rohirrim in Middle-earth

This game came about as a result of two Petes: Pete D had requested a game of Midgard Heroic Battles, and Pete J had been busy building a Rohan mounted force, so it seemed only right to put the two together for the first game at the pub of 2023. I quickly threw together aContinue reading “Death in the Riddermark: Orcs vs Rohirrim in Middle-earth”

Winding up 2022: Dragon Rampant at Christmas

It’s been a busy year for Morris and Chums: stacks of gaming, running participation/ demo games at Hammerhead and both Partizans, and generally egging each other on to invest in toy soldiers that we hadn’t been planning to buy. In the background, I’ve been busy developing Midgard Heroic Battles for publication as well, which, alongContinue reading “Winding up 2022: Dragon Rampant at Christmas”

Slaine Miniatures Game: Skull-Swords

Progress on projects has been slow recently, but today I was able to finish up basing on some of the lovely Skull-Swords from Warlord Games. To date, I’ve only played the Slaine Miniatures Game twice, and quickly realised that having more than the three Skull-Swords supplied in the starter set was a good idea! (OneContinue reading “Slaine Miniatures Game: Skull-Swords”

Bad Squiddo Shield Maidens

Several companies are now making shield maidens in 28mm, but I wanted to go with these as Annie’s mission at Bad Squiddo is to produce ‘believable female miniatures’. As a sample, I bought both shield maiden hearthguard packs and Aethelflaed, Lady of Mercia; Annie kindly popped in champion Jada the Subtle as a freebie. AsContinue reading “Bad Squiddo Shield Maidens”

A Fistful of Nordic Myth

Alongside my various projects on Greek myth, Middle-earth and other settings, I’ve been quietly collecting miniatures for Norse mythology/ fantasy as well. I’m hoping that these will see the table at shows next year as part of a big Midgard game as well as in various smaller club encounters. First up is a Valkyrie fromContinue reading “A Fistful of Nordic Myth”

Saruman at Senlac Hill: another Middle-earth / 1066 mash-up

Following on from our last couple of Middle-earth games (the Battle of Barnet reimagined as The Battle in the Mist and Stamford Bridge in Middle-earth), some wag suggested we do Hastings 1066 with Elves and Warg riders. Well, why not? I always take inspiration from historic battles and Hastings was fairly fresh in my mindContinue reading “Saruman at Senlac Hill: another Middle-earth / 1066 mash-up”

Hold the Ford: The 4 Rules of Rivers

The river pieces that I’ve used in a couple of recent games (Mortimer’s Cross at Partizan and Stamford Bridge in Middle-earth) have drawn quite a few questions, so I thought an article about them would be useful. I apologise in advance that this isn’t a tutorial per se, as when I made the original riverContinue reading “Hold the Ford: The 4 Rules of Rivers”