Welcome to Mogsymakes

Lugh of the Long Arm: 28mm miniature by Lucid Eye Publications https://www.lucideyepublications.com/ from a design by Jim Fitzpatrick. Background by Jon Hodgson Maps https://www.patreon.com/jonhodgsonmaps

Mogsymakes is simply a site where I record my adventures making stuff. Usually I am creating miniatures, terrain or scenarios for tabletop gaming, but sometimes I make other things as well.  Gaming – in its various forms – is a great source of enjoyment for me and has given me the opportunity to go to some amazing places, research strange things and make some wonderful friends. I’d say that my primary interest is historical gaming, but I have a strong interest in myth and legend that has taken me into more fantastical realms as well.

Making this kind of thing may seem like an odd choice for someone who loves peace and equality, but turning these things into games gives us the chance to learn about corners of the world that we never knew, allowing us to see history – or fantasy, for that matter – from different viewpoints and perspectives.  If you’re inspired by this kind of stuff, I really hope that you enjoy the site. On the other hand, if your idea of miniature gaming involves crude historical, gender or racial stereotypes, this isn’t the place for it; I hope that anyone of any identity would feel that they can find something interesting or thought-provoking here. So welcome in.


All text, images and photographs included in this blog are copyright J. A. Morris unless otherwise stated. Please don’t copy or use any of them without my permission. Wherever possible, I try to provide links to companies and providers that I use, as I hope you might also support them with your business and interest.

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