Midgard is the set of mass battle mythological & fantasy wargames rules that I have been working on and off for a couple of years. They are designed to play large narrative battles, where the focus is on the deeds of mighty heroes but strategy and tactics still play an important role. Games mechanics and record-keeping are kept to a minimum to allow a fast-playing narrative battle with multiple players and heroic deeds aplenty!

Left: action from the Battle of Moy Tura – Lugh of the Long Hand and his warriors face down the Fomorians.

We’ve been using Midgard in my group for a number of different projects – mostly fantasy and mythological, but it’s also seen use for some historical games recently as well (see the blog section for latest battle reports.) Below you can see a few in-game shots of battles from the First and Third Ages of Middle-earth, Norse, Celtic and Greek myth and the age of El Cid.

Greek myth action

‘El Cidgard’ – medieval Spain

Loki and the Frost Giants battle the Gods, men and dwarves of Asgard
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