Midgard Heroic Battles

Midgard is the set of heroic battle wargames rules that I have been working on and off for three years. They are designed to play large narrative battles, where the focus is on the deeds of mighty heroes but strategy and tactics still play an important role. Games mechanics and record-keeping are kept to a minimum to allow a fast-playing narrative battle with multiple players and heroic deeds aplenty!

They work well for any setting – historical, fantasy or mythological – where you have warbands of warriors armed with swords, spears and shields led by heroes. The rules are a ‘sandbox’ set which can be easily adapted for different settings by varying the troop types and traits (special rules) selected.

The Battle of Bairen 1097 CE – a huge Midgard game played out at the Partizan show in October 2021. This is bigger than average but it shows the size of game that Midgard can cope with!

We’ve been using Midgard in my group for a number of different projects – fantasy, mythological and historical games recently as well (see the blog section for latest battle reports.)

A Middle-earth battle gets under way. The goblets hold Reputation tokens, which are gained for heroic deeds – and lost for defeat and ignominious deeds
The Battle of Dunnichen 685 CE – Picts vs Northumbrians

I have a provisional deal to publish Midgard which I’ll be announcing more about when I have a clearer idea of timescale. In the meantime, you can follow the progress of the game on the blog, and I am currently looking for a few extra play testers – please contact me if you might be interested.

Greek Myth: harpies, men and cyclopes clash in the mythical Mediterranean

Norse Myth: Loki and the Frost Giants battle the Gods, men and dwarves of Asgard

More Middle-earth First Age: Glaurung leads the Orcs into battle
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