Midgard Heroic Battles

Midgard Heroic Battles is a set of miniature wargames rules designed to play battle games where the focus is on the deeds of mighty heroes but tactics still play an important role. Games mechanics and record-keeping are kept to a minimum to allow a fast-playing narrative battle with multiple players and heroic deeds aplenty!

Midgard Heroic Battles will be published by Reisswitz Press (Too Fat Lardies) but there is no publication date yet. In the meantime, please follow us via the blog or on social media @mogsymakes for further updates.

Midgard works for any setting – historical, fantasy or mythological – where warbands of warriors armed with swords, spears and shields are led into battle by charismatic (but not invulnerable) heroes. The rules are a ‘sandbox’ set which can be easily adapted for different settings by varying troop types and traits (special rules). Play testing has encompassed games set in the age of El Cid, the siege of Troy, early medieval Britain and Tolkien’s Middle-earth as well as Celtic, Greek & Norse mythology.

While we’re waiting for publication, I thought it would be useful to create a couple of extra pages giving more information about the basing, playing areas and typical force sizes for Midgard Heroic Battles.

If you want to get a better idea of how Midgard Heroic Battles plays, I’ve also added links below to some blog battle reports in different settings. Note that these aren’t uber-detailed play-throughs, but rather battle reports with some commentary about the mechanicsms and tactics. There will be supporting videos nearer the time of release.

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