Force Sizes for Midgard Heroic Battles

Midgard Heroic Battles is most definitely a ‘battle’ rather than ‘skirmish’ game, but you may not need as many figures as you might expect. Because the game is scaleable, you can play with quite small units or very large ones depending on how many figures and how much table space you have available.

Heroes, based either individually or with banner-bearers and retainers. These are 18mm Wiglaf Miniatures on 20mm round bases.

Midgard forces are organised into Heroes and Units, paid for with a traditional ‘points’ system. The minimum force size is around 300 points, which will give you around 10 Units and 3-4 Heroes.

A pair of Warrior units of Saxons, using 15mm Forged in Battle miniatures (left) and 18mm Wiglaf Miniatures (right). These are based on 8 x 4 cm bases with around 10 figures per unit.

Obviously, the points value of Heroes and Units depends on their quality, but as a rough rule of thumb, skirmishers are around 10 points a unit, regular troops 20 points and elite units 30 points or more. Heroes range between 10 and 40 points with additional traits and abilities adding to their cost.

A 28mm Celt Warrior unit using Northstar Miniatures (each model is on a 25 mm round base with the whole unit on a 12 x 6 cm base).

The two 15/18mm armies that we have used for our Degsastan 603 game are good examples of starter 300-point forces. All the units here are on 8 x 4 cm bases. Warrior units are approximately 10 miniatures to a base, Skirmishers 6 to a base and Horsemen (Light Riders) 5 to a base, which gives a total of around 100 minis for the Dal Riadan army and about 90 for the Northumbrians.

These two 15mm armies require a playing area of around 3 x 4′ (91 x 122 cm).

Forces can be much larger than this, although the vast majority of our games have been between 300 and 400 points.

Battle of Dunnichen 685 – the Northumbrians face off against a 350 point Pictish force.
A typical club game in Middle-earth, pitting Elves vs Orcs – around 400 points per side on a 6′ x 4′ (180 x 122 cm) table.
A Greek myth game set in the underworld – forces of around 400 points per side.
Our giant El Cid: Battle of Bairen 1097 game at The Other Partizan 2021 involved around 700 points per side.
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