Norse Myth Round Up Part 2: The Battle of Thor’s Hill

The big push to get various frosty terrain and figures finished off was prompted by last week’s gaming fixture – a run-out of my Midgard rules at the club with old chum Kev M visiting from sunny Leeds. Tom WD had correctly pointed that, for a rules set entitled Midgard, we’d played hardly any gamesContinue reading “Norse Myth Round Up Part 2: The Battle of Thor’s Hill”

Norse Myth Round Up Part 1: Figures & Terrain

One of my collections that I’ve been developing alongside the Midgard project has been forces suitable for Norse mythology. Some of these are quite specific, such as Norse gods and frost giants, others do double duty with other game settings – like my Tolkien Dwarves or Red Book of the Elf King figures. There’s noContinue reading “Norse Myth Round Up Part 1: Figures & Terrain”

Glaurung: the first dragon of Middle-earth

I’ve been running games based on Tolkien’s Silmarillion for a few years, but have always had a dragon-sized gap in my collection. Glaurung – a malevolent, wingless wyrm – features heavily in the First Age of Middle-earth and there have been many great interpretations of him on the Wargaming In Middle Earth Facebook page (aContinue reading “Glaurung: the first dragon of Middle-earth”

Partizan Round-Up and El Cid Vignettes

It’s now a week after Partizan on the Ground and our big El Cid Battle of Bairen game. It’s been lovely seeing all the photos circulating on the internet – despite the fact that not everyone was able to make it to the show under the circumstances (several friends of mine included), being able toContinue reading “Partizan Round-Up and El Cid Vignettes”

El Cid: the Battle of Bairen, 1097 CE

Sunday 10th October 2021 saw the return of Partizan, the showcase East Midlands wargames show at Newark Showground. To say that I was excited about this was an understatement. I had plans to run a game set in 1800s Alaska, but the return of Scrivs from the US with his substantial El Cid collection ofContinue reading “El Cid: the Battle of Bairen, 1097 CE”

‘Wounded by Pedro, stood on by a horse’: El Cid rides again

Yesterday I was able to get in a game set in medieval Spain with old mucker Scrivs. Using my own Midgard rules (now into yet more testing), we were preparing for the game that we are planning to put on at the Partizan show in Newark on October 10th.  Today’s game was to be aContinue reading “‘Wounded by Pedro, stood on by a horse’: El Cid rides again”

Greek Midgard 1: Basil and the Horn of the Minotaur

Continuing the current run of Midgard play test games, we ran a big Greek mythological battle using my rules, for which I constructed a plot line seriously inspired (i.e. ripping off) some of the most famous Greek myths (and Ray Harryhausen). Greek hero Basileus has been set three (highly dangerous, possibly fatal) tasks by theContinue reading “Greek Midgard 1: Basil and the Horn of the Minotaur”

Battle of Graus, 1063 CE – Enter El Cid!

I’ve been working on Midgard – my heroic battle wargames rules – for some time now. Medieval Spain and the age of El Cid have long been popular in my gaming circle and it wasn’t long before Tom WD (king of the pun) started cracking jokes about ‘El Cidgard’. Therefore it was only a matterContinue reading “Battle of Graus, 1063 CE – Enter El Cid!”