The Battle of Hastings 1066 – replayed with War & Conquest

In a break from Midgard and everything else, I took a trip down to Bristol to celebrate my old chum Rob’s birthday. As part of the festivities, Rob had laid on a day of gaming at his club venue (Bristol Big ‘Uns at Iron Acton Village Hall) where I was due to participate in aContinue reading “The Battle of Hastings 1066 – replayed with War & Conquest”

Partizan Game Report: Battle of Degsastan

Sunday 22nd May saw an early start for the group as we all made our respective ways to the Newark Showground for the greatly-anticipated Partizan Show. I was reflecting that my first visit to Partizan was pretty much exactly 29 years ago; in 1993, my chum Jon and I caught a train to Newark CastleContinue reading “Partizan Game Report: Battle of Degsastan”

Partizan 2022: The Battle of Degsastan

A preview of our game for the Partizan Show on May 22nd 2022 ‘At this time Aethelfrith, a very brave king and most eager for glory, was ruling over the kingdom of Northumbria. He ravaged the Britons more extensively than any other English king…to him…could fittingly be applied the words…”[he] shall ravin as a wolf;Continue reading “Partizan 2022: The Battle of Degsastan”

Partizan 2022 warm-up game: Battle of Degsastan 603 CE

With two weeks to go to the Partizan show in Newark, Scrivs kindly hosted a warm-up game for us in his lovely sunny conservatory. It’s a variant of the Battle of Degsastan game that I first played with Matt M back in in December – you can read all about that here. Since then, I’veContinue reading “Partizan 2022 warm-up game: Battle of Degsastan 603 CE”

And there were giants in the earth in those days: Slaine, Crom Cruach and other Monstrosities

As a big 2000 AD fan in my teenage years, I got very excited when I heard that Warlord Games were producing a miniatures game based on the Slaine stories. Upon getting my grubby hands on some of the models ten days ago, I couldn’t wait to get them painted up for some Celtic gaming.Continue reading “And there were giants in the earth in those days: Slaine, Crom Cruach and other Monstrosities”

Wales 1, Pictland 0: a Midgard battle report

I’ve been busy developing my Midgard set of wargames rules over the last few months and my chum Pete, who has recently taken up gaming again, expressed an interest in collecting a Welsh force for the 7th century. While he was busy getting the new Gripping Beast plastics on to the painting table, I pulledContinue reading “Wales 1, Pictland 0: a Midgard battle report”

Near, Far Away Part 4: More Wiglaf Saxons

So, despite the fact that I’m busy painting my backlog of 28mm Picts at the moment, I’ve been quietly working away on some extra troops for the 15/18mm Dark Ages project at the same time! I’ve had some more of the 18mm Wiglaf Saxons on the workbench, aiming for a quick paint job using mostlyContinue reading “Near, Far Away Part 4: More Wiglaf Saxons”