Against the Frost Giants: Partizan Show Preview 2023

With Salute 50 out of the way and Partizan coming up, I added a few extra pieces to the ‘Against the Frost Giants’ scenario that we’ll be playing in Newark on May 21st 2023. There will, in fact, be two games on show – the 28mm Against the Frost Giants game (with a Norse mythContinue reading “Against the Frost Giants: Partizan Show Preview 2023”

The Battle of Degsastan in 15mm

Following the game’s first appearance at Salute 50 in London, Martin popped over for a much quieter gaming experience – a kitchen table rematch of Northumbria vs Dal Riada at the Battle of Degsastan in 603 CE. I’ve played this game many times since reading Guy Halsall’s article in Miniature Wargames magazine in the 1980s,Continue reading “The Battle of Degsastan in 15mm”

Hammer of the Gods: Midgard Heroic Battles at Salute 2023

With the rainbow bridge terrain piece complete, on April 22 it was time for the big one: Salute 50!  The UK’s biggest miniature wargames show takes place every year at ExCel in Docklands, London; I hadn’t been since 2015 so was very excited about a return to the fiftieth edition of Salute. Salute is absolutely hugeContinue reading “Hammer of the Gods: Midgard Heroic Battles at Salute 2023”

Stairway to Heaven: building the Rainbow Bridge

This year’s game for Salute 50 at Excel in London (22.4.23) is going to be a double-header to promote my forthcoming Midgard Heroic Battles rules, currently in editing and pre-production with Reisswitz Press.  As Midgard can be played in multiple settings with any scale miniatures, we’re going to have an 15mm Dark Ages (early medieval) historicalContinue reading “Stairway to Heaven: building the Rainbow Bridge”

Xenos Rampant: the Battle for Central Len-Ton

Having played a couple of games with other people’s figures, it was time to get my Xenos Rampant space poilus into their first scrap. We’ve started a campaign at the club fighting over the planet Len-Ton and its multitudinous moons.  The first mission for my Vingtième République would be a race against Je-Rem-Ee’s Orks toContinue reading “Xenos Rampant: the Battle for Central Len-Ton”

Xenos Rampant: a Weird War 1 side project

Having caved in and decided to give Xenos Rampant a go, I initially toyed with the idea of reconstructing my Eldar force from way back when. However, discovering that I only had six figures remaining (having sold the others several house moves ago), I realised that a Weird WW1 force might be easier to putContinue reading “Xenos Rampant: a Weird War 1 side project”

The bloody 7th Century: four more games of Age of Penda

Finding myself recovering from illness and with a free afternoon, I managed to fix up a game at short notice with erstwhile chum Matt. A full year ago, we jointly invested in Forged in Battle/ Wiglaf Miniatures to put together some 15/18mm armies for the 7th century – my favourite period of the early medievalContinue reading “The bloody 7th Century: four more games of Age of Penda”

Sudden Flame in Middle-earth: Glaurung vs the Noldor

We don’t seem to be getting tired of Middle-earth at the moment, and indeed, I’m currently re-reading The Fellowship of the Ring for the first time since I was a teenager. However, last week Pete and I decided to plump for the First Age of Middle-earth again as I’d just finished Finrod Felagund and hisContinue reading “Sudden Flame in Middle-earth: Glaurung vs the Noldor”

Elf Riders for Middle-earth: a tale of plastic, putty and 3D prints

Since getting tempted into collecting a small Elf force for Middle-earth, it’s been overdue for some extra riders. I already had a number of units of Noldor horse archers and heavy cavalry – mostly created by kit bashing Oathmark Elves with Gripping Beast Arab Heavy Cavalry – but the release of the Victrix Norman KnightsContinue reading “Elf Riders for Middle-earth: a tale of plastic, putty and 3D prints”

Death in the Riddermark: Orcs vs Rohirrim in Middle-earth

This game came about as a result of two Petes: Pete D had requested a game of Midgard Heroic Battles, and Pete J had been busy building a Rohan mounted force, so it seemed only right to put the two together for the first game at the pub of 2023. I quickly threw together aContinue reading “Death in the Riddermark: Orcs vs Rohirrim in Middle-earth”