Against the Frost Giants: Partizan Show Preview 2023

Dark Alliance 1/72 plastic trolls with smaller Lucid Eye metal trolls. The background is a download from Jon Hodgson Art’s Miniature Backdrops.

With Salute 50 out of the way and Partizan coming up, I added a few extra pieces to the ‘Against the Frost Giants’ scenario that we’ll be playing in Newark on May 21st 2023. There will, in fact, be two games on show – the 28mm Against the Frost Giants game (with a Norse myth setting) and the 15mm Battle of Degsastan 603 game (set in the early medieval period).

Battle of Degsastan 603 using 15/ 18mm miniatures by Forged in Battle and Wiglaf Miniatures. Background image used by permission of Jon Hodgson Illustration.

We’re looking forward to demoing Midgard Heroic Battles again with both games, hopefully showing the versatility of the rule set and running through some examples of play. We have a bigger team than we did at Salute, cheaper (free) parking and better lighting, so we look forward to seeing you there if you can make it!

Note that we (Morris and Chums) have moved from our usual spot in the Demo Zone: as the rules are due to be published by Reisswitz Press (Two Fat Lardies), it only seemed right to move into the welcoming arms of the Lard Zone – see the new map above!

Lucid Eye Trolls alongside an Ogre and Merrow by Reaper Bones.

First up is a quick look at the smaller end of the Frost Giant army. I have added a number of new units in the last month, combining a variety of different-sized models. I dipped into the excellent Reaper Bones range of trolls and the like; these were supplemented by Lucid Eye Trolls from the Red Book of the Elf King range (pricy but lovely models) and some plastic Oathmark Goblins given a frosty paint job. The 1/72 soft plastic Trolls from Dark Alliance – incredibly good value at around £8 for a box of 8 – were also pressed into service.

Another Reaper Bones Ogre with his minions (Oathmark Goblins)

All of the units are based on magnetic discs, which are then attached to an MDF unit base with a top layer of steel paper. As with all Midgard units, the exact number of miniatures on the base is unimportant as long as frontages are consistent (these are on the standard base width of 12 cm). In Midgard terms, these are treated as Warriors with the Big and Impetuous traits.

Some extra terrain pieces have also been added. My only miniatures purchase at Salute was this pair of rune stones from Fenris Games which painted up an absolute treat. This is my first Fenris purchase and certainly won’t be my last!

Top notch Viking rune stones by Fenris Games with a Lucid Eye Troll

As a tidy-up after finishing the rainbow bridge centre piece, I created some fantastical ice crystal terrain pieces with leftover items from the Bifrost build. These included some pieces of quartz and also crystals made from cheap plastic Christmas decorations.

Chunks of quartz repurposed into drop on terrain alongside a Lucid Eye Elf
Loki (a Lucid Eye Elf) hangs out in the crystals
Frosty crystals – cheap plastic Christmas decorations with some modifications
Angrboda, Loki’s giant wife (Reaper Bones)

There’s not much new for the Aesir but I thought it’d be nice to grab a few shots of some of the protagonists. Here’s Freya by Bad Squiddo Games – she is serving as the Army Commander for the Aesir force, being the goddess of war and somewhat more strategic than good ol’ Thor.

Other Gods featured in the game are Heimdall and Thor, a couple of awesome sculpts from the miniatures for the Blood Rage boardgame.

I’ve provided the Aesir forces with a number of archer units which did great service in our last game. Here’s some Conqueror Models’ Dwarves sculpted by dwarfmeister Colin Patten.

More Bad Squiddo Games minis here in the form of a unit of shield maidens.

And finally some very old but much-loved Foundry Vikings (with a Gripping Beast berserker lurking at back right). Some of these fellas first saw action in the 1990s but have had a recent refurb for the game.

See you at Partizan!

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