Near, Far Away Part 4: More Wiglaf Saxons

So, despite the fact that I’m busy painting my backlog of 28mm Picts at the moment, I’ve been quietly working away on some extra troops for the 15/18mm Dark Ages project at the same time! I’ve had some more of the 18mm Wiglaf Saxons on the workbench, aiming for a quick paint job using mostly GW Contrast Paints.

While the Wiglaf Minis are a nominal 18mm, they size up pretty well with Forged in Battle 15mm that form the remainder of my forces.

Wiglaf Saxons (left) vs Forged in Battle Welsh (right)

I’ve gone for 80 x 40mm round-cornered bases from the ever-reliable Warbases with a small dice frame on the back left corner to track damage for gaming. The plan is to try out the Age of Penda rules when time allows.

As advised by ‘Wiglaf Dan’, the models are cast in a fairly pliable metal, so I was able to vary some of the poses with some simple bending of arms. This was most useful with the archers which have two head variants in the same pose, but I think I managed to vary them sufficiently to create an all-archer skirmish unit.

Archers with bent arms to vary the poses.

Moody stuff as Raedwald marches his men north. Top quality background bu Jon Hodgson Maps.

Wiglaf currently have Mark Copplestone working on some additional figures for the range – next up are Vendel-style warriors and more command groups, including a hornblower – exciting stuff if you like the 7th Century as much as I do!

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