Les Poilus

WW1 French soldiers going into action. Woodbine Designs miniatures (by Gripping Beast), trench by Amera, background by Jon Hodgson Maps

At the end of last year, I penned a short article on painting World War One French in their mid-late war horizon blue uniforms, and it has recently seen print in Wargames Illustrated magazine (Issue 403, July 2021). The theme of the issue is ‘Vive La France’ and has a wide range of articles about wargaming with French armies from various periods of history.

Here’s a few out-takes from the photo session that I posed with some of my 28mm figures. The French are lovely sculpts by Soapy from the Woodbine Designs range by Gripping Beast, with a trench section by Amera and a photo background downloaded from Jon Hodgson Maps.

These chaps are patrolling the area just outside the bunkers of Fort Vaux, Verdun. For more on this, see my Fort Vaux page

I’m not going to do a step-by-step painting article here, as that’s available in the magazine, but I will say that the key ingredient in painting these poilus was Army Painter Wolf Grey, available in both dropper bottles and spray cans (handy for doing whole platoons, as I was doing a few years back at the height of my WW1 gaming).

A difficult job in May 1916 – driving Germans off the escarpments of Fort Vaux.

Getting the article done has reminded me that my WW1 project is unfinished business – I have a small bag of soil from Ypres that is just waiting to be used for basing up the next phase of this! More soon, I hope.

Les Poilus in the act of capturing a trench.

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