New blog: mogsymakes by James Morris

Many years ago, Big Red Bat guru Simon Miller asked me why I didn’t have a blog to support the various games that I took around wargames shows. “Why would I want a blog?” I asked him. “You’ll get followers,” came the reply. I laughed.

I don’t really do this to get followers, but I love swapping ideas and photos with other gamers around the world. I seem to post on social media every week or so, only then to find myself unable to find my own pictures, battle reports or words of advice just a few weeks later. Questions like this crop up all the time: “Have you got any size comparison pictures with different manufacturers?” “What was the paint recipe you used on your wolves?” “Has anyone had a go at converting Elf cavalry/ Cretan gendarmes/ Sikh sappers?” “How does Muskets & Tomahawks II play?” And often, I say, “Yes, but…just let me find it…” Hopefully mogsymakes will go some way towards helping out with these senior moments of social media.

My chum Scrivs claims that one of his main reasons for having a blog is to be able to find his paint recipes several years down the line; I can confirm this, having used several of his colour schemes after looking them up online! I’ve gone for something in between a blog and a website, in that I have different pages and sections where I will hopefully archive posts to make them easier to find. It is still very much in its infancy, so any helpful suggestions about improving access and layout will be quite welcome.

And so, I find myself following Simon’s sage advice: get a blog. I hope you enjoy it!

7 thoughts on “New blog: mogsymakes by James Morris

  1. Very impressive blog, a great read and well put together!. Thank you for the effort and time you’ve put into the content,it shows your passion for the subjects.
    I can take inspiration from your great photos to finish my 28mm Norman army and then….a bigger challenge I fear….find an opponent who plays “Clash of empires” rules, a very worthy successor to WAB.



    1. Thank you, Mike! I’ve only played Clash of Empires once or twice. It’s a perfectly good game but I seem to enjoy slightly less fiddly systems nowadays (that said, I can still remember pretty much all the WAB rules) 🙂


  2. So pleased your finally blogging! Means I can keep base with your various projects and reminisce over gaming with your fabulous miniature collection!


  3. I run a blog for exactly the same reason James…as a storage space for projects current and past so I can easily bring myself back up to speed and pick up from where I left off…a resource for myself as much as anyone else.

    This one looks good…always liked your stuff.



    Happy Wanderer

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  4. Have to say that I have really enjoyed the blog and looking at the photos of the mass battles. I’ve been lurking for a while and thought that I should say well done on an excellent and inspiring blog.
    I am intrigued by Midguard and looking forward to seeing it in print. Hopefully I can persuade one of the locals to give it a try

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