The Mortal Men

While the Isles of Eas have elves and trolls, there are also mortal men. These are unusual in that they do not use magic themselves, but have witches attached to their circles as an eighth magic-using unit.

The rules for mortals were introduced in the 2019 supplement Troll Wars and include the rather nasty ‘Rule of Iron’; drawing upon folklore, iron weapons (as wielded by mortal men and women) cause additional damage to faerie units (elves and trolls) as they burn their skin. Ouch!

Left: one of the Urdane Mortals from Lucid Eye – a mix of Celt, Germanic warrior and fantasy barbarian.

I confess that I only have a handful of mortal figures so far and have been using my Celt warriors as stand-ins (which is no bad thing – while the official Lucid Eye models are things of beauty, you can actually play Red Book with any suitable substitute models. Rick Priestley’s classic Warhammer High Elves saw action during playtesting the game!) Anyway, here’s the few Lucid Eye mortals that I have so far.

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