The Italian Invasion of Ethiopia 1935-6

A teaching trip to Ethiopia in 2008 became my gateway into the largely-forgotten Ital0-Ethiopian War of 1936-6. Returning to the UK, I started researching the availability of models which fortunately coincided exactly with Nigel Higgins’ latest project at Anglian Miniatures. And so, I found myself with a superb range of Paul Hicks-sculpted Italians and Ethiopians at my fingertips! This was the start of a pretty serious side project that eventually led into my Eritrea 1941/ Battle of Keren campaign, as the Allies forced Mussolini’s troops out of Italian East Africa.

Left: Ethiopian chief and standard bearer. Oringinally Anglian Miniatures now available from Empress Miniatures

Photo by Wargames Illustrated, used with kind permission.

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