Collecting an Ethiopian force for this project was an absolute joy – the mixture of tribal and regular / semi-regular forces was great fun to collect and paint. The majority of the figures used were Paul Hicks sculpts from the Anglian (now Empress Miniatures) range, but I also added figures from Askari Miniatures in the USA. Some of the figures intended for the 1880s are also suitable, including Castaway Arts and Bicorne Miniatures. Here is a small gallery of some of the models.

Left: Ethiopian Ras by Empress Miniatures.

Some photographs on this page are by Wargames Illustrated, used with kind permission.

Ethiopian tribemen ambush Italian CV33 tanks. Mostly Empress Miniatures.

Above: Mahel Safari (regular infantry) and Imperial Guard.

Mounted figures from the excellent Castaway Arts range, with some Irregular cattle.

This Maxim gun was based on one that I saw in Jimma, Ethiopia. It’s a Brigade Games WW1 German Askari model with converted crew (the loader is the original Brigade Games figure, the gunner started life as a Gripping Beast Ancient British charioteer. Yeah, I know, I like to make things easy for myself.)
A size comparison of 28mm Ethiopian tribesmen: Left: Empress (ex-Anglian Minis), Centre: Askari Miniatures, Right: Bicorne Miniatures
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