Vachel Goldenhand and the Circle of Towers

On the left is the Vachel Goldenhand figure from Lucid Eye, although as you can see, I gave him a silver hand so that he can double up as Nuada of the Silver Arm from Celtic myth! The elves are highly stylised, drawing equally upon the artwork of Jim Fitzpatrick and Rodney Matthews. Vachel is one of the many thanes (leaders) in the Red Book of the Elf King, each of whom have their own circle of 18 companions (six groups of three models in the game). The companion models are generic, so I just painted up 18 and use them interchangeably with whichever thane I feel like playing that week!

I wanted an even more Celtic feel to my elf warband, so I added some resin shields ordered from Scibor Miniatures. Although I love the elf minis by Steve Saleh, they are only supplied with metal cast spears (annoyingly cast as one piece into a separate hand, which makes replacing them tricky)… this led to me deciding to replace some with swords (using spare plastic hands and swords from the Oathmark plastic elves) and replacing the rest with more plastic hands drilled out to take metal Northstar spears. Fiddly, but worth it, I think!

Red Book of the Elf King figures and rules:

Scibor Miniatures (I used the dwarf shields!):,shop.php?art=877

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