The Trolls

Although the elves are the main faerie group in the Isles of Eas, there are also trolls. Malign and cruel in equal measure, these creatures are around 7-8 feet tall and also users of glamour (the magic of Eas), although not to the same extent as the elven folk. The paint job was a bit of an experiment – I played around with various shades of green and blue before settling on an overall light blue skin – and took me longer than I was hoping, but I’m pleased with the results.

Left: Ragvhar Earsplitter, one of the Lucid Eye troll thanes sculpted by Steve Saleh. This figure has more than a few shades of Simon Bisley’s Slaine about him, I think!

Below are photos of the full troll circle plus Cufnir the Betrayer, another troll thane of ill repute! The 18 figures making up the troll circle are composed of six different models which I tried to vary with some shield swaps and different colour combinations.

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