Saxon Heroes and Leaders

Here are a handful of the Saxon leaders I used for the Battle of Hatfield game. On the left is the ill-fated Edwin of Northumbria complete with Christian priest.

These are both character models from the superb Westwind Miniatures range

This chap is Edwin’s standard bearer. Following Bede’s description of an orb on a pole, I interpreted this somewhat loosely and made the pole massive with some substantial ostrich feathers on top! (Clearly Northumbria has good trade links with the Mediterranean).

Once again, another Westwind chap. One of the great features of this range is the separate head system – this bearded head seemed to fit with the grizzled veteran I imagined would be entrusted with the royal standard.

Another pair of Saxon leaders. This thegn and his hornblower are rather lovely, but out of production, figures sculpted by Roy Eastland for his Tanatus Miniatures range.

I always feel that this chap should be Ecgfrith of Northumbria (I think it’s the Coppergate helmet that does it, similar to that shown on the famous Pictish Aberlemno stone). Black Tree Designs have many figures in their range that are ideal for ‘Middle Saxons’ of this period, but unfortunately their mail order reputation is very hit and miss. I bought all mine in person at shows when they were regular attendees. The hornblower is another Roy Eastland sculpt from a handful of figures that he did for a Middle Saxon range for Harlequin.

Our final character is an oldie but a goodie! This super sculpt is a very old Gripping Beast miniature by the highly talented Duncan Patten. I’ve used him as a Mercian standard bearer due to the white dragon on the banner pole, but he could serve anywhere. The flag is hand-painted with a dragon that I found in a model railway shop many years ago – apparently it was supposed to go on top of a locomotive, but has instead ended up going back a millenium and been carried into battle…

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