Noldor (Elves)

The First Age of Tolkien’s Middle-earth is dominated by the Elves (and their conflicts with Morgoth and Angband). This page contains photos of my Noldor project, very much inspired by the work of Graham Green who has been converting and painting figures for these kingdoms for years. I was finally pushed into action by the launch of the Oathmark elf range by Northstar/ Osprey and have been enjoying the possibilities offered by kit-bashing the latest generation of plastic kits!

Oathmark Elf archers and a converted noble rider. All the backgrounds on this page are downloads from Jon Hodgson Maps

I’ve just added a few more Elves to my horse archers; I have several units made from a mash-up of Gripping Beast Arab Heavy Cavalry/ Oathmark Elves, but had a few spare horse models kicking around. These figures started life as Warlord Games Napoleonic British Cavalry that I’d had free with some copies of Wargames Illustrated magazine. I added some spare bodies and heads from the bits box and managed to forge them into Elves after a lot of green stuff (in hindsight, it would probably have been easier to buy some more GB cavalry, but where’s the fun in that?) They’ve had a fairly simple paint job using GW Contrast Paints and some highlights, but they do the job.

Also on the painting table last week was a small unit of Elven noble warriors. Tolkien sometimes describes Noldor as armed with axes and I had a few spare arms I wanted to try out (I think these are some spares from a Fireforge kit – they have mailed mittens so must have belonged to knights somewhere in a previous life). The bodies and many of the other components are from the ever-useful Oathmark Elf Infantry plastic set from Northstar/ Osprey. I printed the square heraldic symbol on the shields onto stickers (old tech), but had fun painting the squiggles around them for a little bit of Elven individuality. Casualty models are metal Perry First Crusade figures, each with a headswap and an Elven shield or cloak.

Elven noble warriors – converted plastic Oathmark miniatures with a metal character from the same range.

This unit of archers have been made using the scale armour bodies from the plastic Foot Sergeants set by Fireforge. There are only two scale armour bodies per sprue so I saved all of these up for these bowmen. The arms, heads and shields are all from the Oathmark Elf Infantry box by Northstar/ Osprey. The unarmoured figures are metal character models from the Oathmark Light Infantry sets.

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