Muskets and Tomahawks Campaign

Stuck in the middle of yet another lockdown with no face-to-face gaming in sight, I took a snap decision to run a wargames campaign over Zoom using the popular Muskets & Tomahawks rules from Studio Tomahawk. I used an adapted version of Pete Brown’s logistical campaign rules from Wargames Illustrated 397 and acted as umpire, while the six players shared control of the French and British forces (‘shared control’ implies some level of organisation, which may be too generous, but we muddled through!)

The campaign was set in the Ohio Valley from 1755-8 with fictitious Colonels Camembert and Stilton trying to outdo each other in the quest for new territory and forts. Cheese-based puns abounded and much fun was had before the 8-game campaign concluded with a narrow French victory.

Below are some photos from the various games. 28mm figures are mostly from the wonderful Galloping Major range with some militia and French Marines from Redoubt Miniatures

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