French & Indian Wars 1754-63

The French and Indian Wars offer a brilliant opportunity to game a colourful period of North American history, especially suited to skirmish actions. I decided to have a crack at the Muskets & Tomahawks rules and put together a few small forces for this game. The vast majority of my troops are 28mm models from Galloping Major (absolutely superb large 28mms) combined with a handful of Redoubt Miniatures and Sash & Saber castings.

Muskets & Tomahawks (by Studio Tomahawk) is available from North Star, who also do a fine range of miniatures to go with the game:

Galloping Major Miniatures:

Redoubt Enterprises:

Sash & Saber are available from Old Glory:


This was my first force, a warband of Huron warriors. They’re probably not well-dressed enough for their snowy surroundings, but it looks good for the pics! These are Galloping Major Miniatures. The longhouses are resin castings, possibly OOP models from Village Green.


Having collected the Huron, I felt that I’d like a classic force of British redcoats to oppose them (tactically, I probably should have gone for Rangers, but I managed to buy some later). These are also Galloping Major Miniatures with a handful of Mohawk scouts from the same company.

Native American Civilians

These rather nice models are by Sash & Saber – they are a bit slimmer than the Galloping Major minis, but fit in just fine. The last picture shows a warrior from GM for comparison purposes.

French Compagnies Franches de la Marine

I ordered a few of these from Redoubt Enterprises to bulk out my forces. Size-wise, these match very well with GM, but require a bit of cleaning up, being older moulds and sculpts.

Rangers & Militia

These are a mix of GM and Redoubt Enterprises; the cabin is a 4Ground MDF model with a little bit of souping up.

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