Dwarves of Mount Dolmed

For me, Colin Patten absolutely captured the spirit and look of Tolkien’s Dwarves with the ranges that he sculpted for Vendel Miniatures [now sold by Thistle and Rose in the USA] and Conqueror Models. They have the Dark Age aesthetic of Middle-earth and a whiff of Norse folklore but without the cartoonish qualities that characterise so many fantasy dwarf designs.

Conqueror Models https://conquerormodels.com/

Thistle & Rose https://www.facebook.com/TandRMiniatures/

Northstar Oathmark Dwarves and Transfers https://www.northstarfigures.com/list.php?man=257&cat=619&page=1

Here’s my force that I put together using a mixture of Vendel, Conqueror and Oathmark figures (you spot a few older veterans in there as well if you look carefully!) They are nominally themed around Mount Dolmed – one of the Dwarf strongholds of the First Age of Middle-earth – but will do service in a variety of settings. Shields and flags are mostly by LBM from the Oathmark range, available from Northstar in the UK.

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