Christian Spanish

With influence from Frankish Europe and Moorish Al-Andalus, the resurgent Christian kingdoms of Medieval Spain developed their own identity and culture. Their horsemen (caballeros) were the mainstay of most Christian armies, although they served as mercenaries in both Andalusian and Almohad armies as well.

Left: Crusader Miniatures knight holding his horse in front of an OOP resin church by Foundry.

Above: caballeros from Perry Miniatures’ 28mm metal Crusades range. Below: massed caballeros from Gripping Beast and Perry Miniatures. The Gripping Beast ranges can be found here:–category–428.html and the Perry Miniatures First Crusade range here:

Above: a close up of Gripping Beast caballeros hidalgos, using figures from both the El Cid and Crusades ranges. Tents are from Magister Militum

Above: skirmishing javelinmen by Crusader Miniatures. They have a Christian Spanish range here: and also a Norman range here , both of which are usable for this period.

Below: spearmen from Gripping Beast.

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