Bois des Caures, Verdun 1916

This game portrayed part of the second day of the infamous Battle of Verdun, fought between the French and Germans over ten months of 1916.  It represents the last stand of Lt Col Driant and his chasseurs against an overwhelming attack by the German 21st Division in the wood of the Bois des Caures.  The 1300 chasseurs faced four full-strength German regiments and suffered 90% casualties; Col Driant held on till all hope was lost, then evacuated his command bunker after burning his papers.  He was killed shortly afterwards.

We ran this as a Chain of Command campaign during 2015 – the photos on this page were taken at Partizan in May 2015 (it was warmer than it looked, although we were trying hard to recreate the chill of February 1916).

Scenery was built by myself and Scrivs, with a number of vac-formed entrenchment and crater sections from Amera Plastics and Kallistra.

In July 2015, we were able to visit the battlefield and pay our respects. Col Driant’s bunker is still there, as are traces of the entrenchments that were the focus of the fighting in 1916.

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