Attack on the Chania Gate, Heraklion, May 21st 1941

This scenario was based on the German assault on the city of Heraklion, where a combined force of Greek soldiers, gendarmes and Cretan civilians held up the attacking Fallschirmjaeger at a key gate in the medieval city walls. Having visited the gate, it is impressive how much of an obstacle the walls must have been! My gaming recreation is slightly smaller but still gives an interesting game.

The actual Chania Gate, snapped in 2017, seen from the Germans’ approach in 1941.

We played this out several times with the Chain of Command rules. These pics are taken during a visit by Rich Clarke of Too Fat Lardies, where having multiple commanders on the Greek side accurately replicated the confusion of the actual battle! I wrote this scenario up as an article for Wargames Soldiers & Strategy #100.

My guide for the fighting in Heraklion was this excellent book by Yannis Prekatsounakis from Helion & Co. Highly, highly recommended. You can find it here:

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