Ancient Spanish

The Ancient Spanish (Iberians) have long been an interest of mine, probably ever since reading Asterix in Spain! The Osprey book illustrated by the late Angus McBride really fired my imagination so I dipped my toe into the water with a 15mm DBA army from Donnington Miniatures. This quickly expanded to a much larger force in 15mm, then was superceded by the 28mm explosion following the success of Warhammer Ancient Battles.

This gallery contains shots of my 28mm Iberian force (apologies if the photos aren’t great…these are quite old pics). All the models are metal – this army pre-dates the Victrix plastics, awesome as they are – and are from a wide variety of manufacturers. I think that there are models here from Foundry, First Corps/ Curteys, Gripping Beast, Essex, Newline, Crusader, A&A and probably some others that I have forgotten. These were all painted in acrylics over a black undercoat and I had a great time doing all the shields by hand! As masochistic as it might sound, I love spending some time looking at shield designs and working out how to paint them and create different variants. The photos are taken on my scratch-built terrain tiles that also saw double service in my El Cid project.

I based all the heroes on 40mm and 50mm round bases to make them stand out – here are a few individual shots (in varying degrees of focus!)

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