Almoravids and Almohads

The invasions of the fundamentalist armies of the Almoravids and Almohads from Morocco into Spain affected the balance of power for ever, alternately strengthening and weakening the Muslim states of Al-Andalus. There are many superb figures available for these warriors, under various headings – Moors, Berbers, Almoravids. Many are interchangeable with Andalusians.

Left: Islamic Qadi and Sheik by Artizan Miniatures sculpted by Mike Owen

The Black Guard inside the gates of a captured city – Gripping Beast figures–category–428.html . The city wall/ gate is a conversion of various OOP pieces created by the talented and much-missed Ian Weekley.

African or Andalusian spearmen formed the bulk of the Almoravid armies. Figures by Gripping Beast; the casualty is a converted Old Glory Tuareg.

Berber cavalry, in this case heavily equipped with drums to give signals during battle. All Gripping Beast figures.

Camel-riding Berbers – Gripping Beast figures with an Artizan standard bearer on foot.

Moorish commanders on foot: Gripping Beast figures with some conversions. The flag is hand-painted.

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